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Community Resources

We've compiled a dynamic list of resources to benefit the poor.

The organizations listed under each category were chosen in this manner:

  1. They have an evangelical witness.
  2. They are a Christian organization.
  3. They are leaders in their respective field of expertise.
  4. They are most appropriate for citizens of the south side.
  5. They are appropriate for citizens in other areas.

This is a dynamic listing.  If you are aware of other resources, please let us know, so that we can add them.

Adoption Issues

Lutheran Social Services 671-0300

Affordable Housing

Habitat for Humanity 676-6729
Peoria Housing Authority 676-8736


Neutral Ground, First United Methodist 673-3641

Alzheimer’s Intervention

Alzheimer’s Association 681-1100

Appliance Assistance

South Side Mission, Benevolence Center 673-1041

Arthritis Intervention

Arthritis Foundation 682-6600

Baby Food, Formula, Diapers

Crittenton Centers 674-4125

Burial Assistance

South Side Mission, Pastor Frank Winfrey 676-4604
Peoria Township Relief Office 674-8237

Bus Tickets, Free

Salvation Army 655-7272

Child Abuse

Department of Children & Family Services 800-25ABUSE

Clothing Assistance

South Side Mission Benevolence Center 673-1041

Day Camp, Summer

South Side Mission, Youth Department 676-4604

Day Care

South Side Mission, Kings Kids 676-4604

Day Care, Emergency

Crittenton Crisis Nursery 674-4125

Dental Assistance

Peoria Township Relief Office 674-8237
Heartland Community Health Clinic 680-7600

Dentist Who Will Take a Medical Card

Dr. Al-Dadah 681-0700
Dr. Harris 691-8558 

                           Familia Dental  692-4721

Developmental Issues for Children

Birth to 3, Easter Seals 686-1177
3 to School Age, District 150 672-6512

Disaster Relief, Local

American Red Cross 677-7272

Elderly, Assistance, Care or Advocacy

South Side Mission 676-4604
Central Illinois Agency on Aging 674-2071

Elderly, Health Insurance

Senior Health Insurance Program 800-548-9034

Elderly, Hotline for Services

Senior Helpline 800-252-8966

Elderly, Meals Delivered to Home, Non-Holiday

RPCCA 697-3305

Elderly, Meals Delivered to Home, Holiday

South Side Mission 676-4604

Employment Assistance

Patrick Kneer at Workforce Network 495-8900

Employment Training

South Side Mission, Culinary Arts Training School 676-4604

English as a Second Language Class

Friendship House of Christian Service 671-5200

Eye Glasses Assistance

Lions Club 692-3946
Peoria Township Relief Office 674-8237

Food Assistance, Free Food Baskets

South Side Mission Benevolence Center 673-1041

Hot Meals

South Side Mission Lighthouse Diner 676-4604

Food Assistance, Free Food Baskets

South Side Mission Benevolence Center 673-1041
2911 W. Garden, Peoria, IL 61605

Abundant Hope Ministries 686-1438
2615 N. Sheridan Rd., Peoria, 61604

Catholic Charities 637-2600
St. Bernards School, 512 E. Kansas, Peoria, IL 61604

Common Place 674-3315
514 S. Shelley Peoria, IL 61605

Community Harvest 266-9510
1901 S. Fourth Ave. Morton, IL 61550

East Peoria Church of Christ 699-4664
520 Arnold Road East Peoria, IL 61611

East Peoria Food Pantry 699-5417
154 E. Washington East Peoria, IL 61611

Heaven's View 370-2433
602 W. RichmondPeoria, IL

Hidden Manna 472-6377
644 Park Ave. Peoria, IL 61603

Jerry Colgan Memorial Food Pantry 673-1330
1316 W. Columbia Terrace Peoria, IL 61606

Manna from Heaven 682-0490
706 S. Western Peoria, IL 61615

Mt. Zion Baptist Church 674-4379
305 S. Madison Park Terrace Peoria, IL 61603

Neighborhood Ministries 685-1755/685-1953
3201 NE Madison Peoria, IL 61603

New Hope Ministries 681-4673
2018 W. Kellogg Ave. Peoria, IL 61604

Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ 674-4147
401 Elm Street Peoria, IL 61606

Peoria Heights Congregational Church 685-6749
4906 N. Prospect Peoria Heights, IL 61614

Pilgrim's Progress 697-4386
3033 W. Marquette Peoria, IL 61605

Redeemer Lutheran 691-2333
6801 N. Allen Road Peoria, IL 61614

Rock of Salvation 219-5540
1523 NE Adams Peoria, IL 61603

Salvation Army Citadel 682-8886
2903 W. NebraskacPeoria, IL 61604

Salvation Army Family Services 655-7272
414 NE Jefferson Peoria, IL 61655

St. Sharbels 688-0398
2914 W. Scenic Peoria, IL 61615

Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church 674-5711
1313 W. Widenham Street Peoria, IL 61605

West Mark 674-7584
Westminster Presbyterian 1420 W. Moss Peoria, IL 61606

Food pantry information gathered from:

Food Assistance, Low-Cost

Dream Center Peoria 676-3000

Furniture Assistance

South Side Mission, Benevolence Center 673-1041

Heating & Cooling Repairs & Replacement

Warming Hearts Foundation through
Trouble Free Heating & Cooling

Health Clinic

Heartland Clinic 1701 Garden 680-7600
Heartland Clinic 711 W. John Gwynn 672-5600
Heartland Clinic 2321 N. Wisconsin 681-4606
Peoria County Health Department 679-6000

Holiday Meal Delivery for the Elderly, Poor, or Handicapped

South Side Mission 676-4604

Home Repairs

South Side Mission, Hope Builders 676-4604
Jeff Heft, His Helping Hands 676-0086
Central Illinois Agency on Aging 674-2071

Homeless Woman with or without Children

South Side Mission 676-4604

Homeless Man

Peoria Rescue Mission 676-6416

Homeless Two-Parent Family or Dad with Child

Salvation Army 655-7272
YWCA 674-1167

Hospice Care

OSF Hospice and Home Care 800-673-5288

Job Skills Classes

Peoria Jobs Partnership 697-0931


Common Place 674-3315

Marriage Counseling

Family Focus USA 692-3100


Medicare 800-633-4227

Mental Health Emergency

Emergency Response Services (ERS) 671-8084
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill 693-0541

Line to HOPE 1-800-837-4673

Mental Health Services

Agape Counseling 692-4433
The Antioch Group 692-6622

Mentoring for Young Adults

Catholic Charities 671-5720

Nursing Home

Bel-Wood Nursing Home 697-4541

Parenting Classes

Crittenton Centers 674-7029

Physical Therapy

IPMR 692-8110

Post-Prison Re-Entry

Faith, Hope & Love in Christ 673-6794


Women’s Pregnancy Center 688-0202

Prescription Assistance

The Salvation Army 655-7272
Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service 671-5200
Another Prescription Assistance Source 800-677-1116
Peoria Township Relief Office 674-8237

Private Christian Schools

Christ Lutheran 637-1512

Public Schools

District 150 672-6512

Rent/Security Deposit Assistance

Friendship House of Christian Service 671-5200
Community Action 671-3900
YWCA 685-7655

Retardation & Developmental Disabilities

PARC 691-3800

Runaway Youth

Catholic Social Services 671-5743

Sexual Assault

Center for Prevention of Abuse 691-0551

Social Security

Social Security Administration 689-1330

Substance Abuse Rehab, In-Patient

(Male) Teen Challenge 673-3716
(Female) White Oaks 692-6900

Substance Abuse, Recovery

Celebrate Recovery 243-1550
Peoria Outreach Center 676-1100

Summer Sports Leagues

Grace Conquest Ministries 681-9756
The Christian Center 685-9367

Teen Parent Services

Boys & Girls Club 685-6007

Thrift Store

Mission Mart 682-7523

Transportation for the Disabled

CityLift 676-4040

Tutoring, school-age

South Side Mission 676-4604

Tutoring, adult

Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service 671-5200


Illinois Department of Employment Security 671-3113

Utility Assistance

Peoria Township Relief Office 674-8237
Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service 671-5200
Salvation Army 655-7220
Community Action 671-3900
YWCA 672-1163

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