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Current Needs

Immediate Donation Needs
Detergent (prefer individual detergent pouches)
Disinfecting wipes (canister)
Shower gels and soaps
Allergy tablets
Twin Sheet Sets (new)
Wash cloths
Bath towels
Twin Size Blankets (new)
Night Light Bulbs

Shower Curtain Liners
Walmart Gift Cards in $10 increments

Towel racks (over the door)
Plastic Hangers
Ladies Socks
Ladies Undergarments (bra/panties of various sizes)

Wish List
Veggie Tales DVDs

Women & Children Homeless Shelter

The New Promise Center is a housing, social service, and spiritual enhancement ministry of South Side Mission for homeless women and women with children.


Typically, people come to us for two reasons: 


A housing crisis could be caused by domestic violence, eviction, natural disaster, stranded, or loss of income or relationship.   


An intentional need could be sought due to Department of Correction re-location, pre-treatment or post-treatment of drug/alcohol treatment, and restoration of family relationships.


The New Promise Center cares for these precious ladies and children through a structured program of progression, which can last up to 12 months. Each client has a case manager who assists her through up to four phases of residential care:

  • Making a Change
  • Living the Change
  • Securing the Change
  • Experiencing the Change

(For a synopsis of each phase, please click here.)


The change occurs through services offered by both South Side Mission and its partner agencies.  The New Promise Center offers case management, psychological and medical assessments, pastoral care, bible studies, and life-skills and health classes. The case managers refer clients to local employment training, education programs, and social service and community programs for specific needs.

Clients should be pre-screened by telephone before intake, but walk-ins are welcomed. Proof of identification is required.  Intake hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to noon, and 7:00-9:00 p.m. The client must be able to physically care for herself (and her children) and participate in the daily required activities.


The New Promise Center is inappropriate for persons who need assisted living, have severe or unattended psychological and medical needs, and active drug/alcohol use.


To volunteer in this fantastic ministry, please click here!