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Our Mission Field

Can an entire Zip Code be won for Christ?

South Side Mission has a laser beam focus on Peoria's most destitute zip code, 61605. We focus our prayers, resources, blood, sweat, tears, and anointing oil on our beloved 61605. It's Peoria's South Side and we are South Side Mission, after all.

Think of the ramifications: Crime would decrease.  Young folks would realize that marriage matters.  Out-of-wedlock births would fall sharply.  Drunks would give up the bottle.  Junkies would give up drugs.  Gang membership rolls would dwindle and they would have to move to a different part of town to find customers.  Hope would return to a depressed area.

Can an entire Zip Code be won for Christ? We think so.

Our Vision is to see the entire 61605 Zip Code won for Christ, discipled, and plugged into local Bible-believing churches. The 61605 zip code is the South Side of Peoria and we are, after all, South Side Mission.